Unit 88 Lower G/F, SM Southmall, Alabang Zapote Road, Las Piñas City
Clinic Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00am-7:00pm

Casa Medica Contact Number(s):

+632 806-7831, +632 806-7851, +632 806-7855, +632 806-7868, +632 806-7872

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9 Responses to CASA MEDICA, INC.

  1. Jennifer arena says:

    Would like to inquire if i can get an assessment for my father due to his lympnodes swelling in left jaw he is 60 yrs old

  2. Mike Ramos says:

    Casa Medica has very poor customer service. Patients with HMO are not being prioritized. All nurses are not assisting patients with HMO. Hence long wait time by patients. Also patients records not automated. Efficiency being compromised.

  3. Yhang says:

    I must agree. The service at the reception for HMO patients is really slow that’s why Im hesitant of going back again despite the fact that I met few good doctors for my daughter. Traffic going to Southmall is already unbearable, and waiting for your number to be called at the reception in Casa Medica will just double the misery in just one day. Again, we are your patient and you musy understand that we are already in pain, so do your beat to serve as well to atleast alleviate our pain instead of adding trouble into it.

  4. Giovanni Penaflor says:

    Queuing for HMO Patients was way too slow and prioritizes only CASH Paying patients…

    I would like to express my disgust with the slow processing service provided by the Casa Medica Inc Management particularly for patients who has existing HMO. People were waiting for more that 2-3 hours just to get processed by only one (1) nurse on HMO while people paying in CASH would get an express service. Express service means your waiting time would be less than 30 mins and there’s more that one (1) nurse will assist you.

    It that a fair service? Or the management would like to emphasize that they prioritize CASH paying patients over HMO? I would not choose the CASA MEDICA, INC at Las Pinas for now until they improve on this. It’s not worth time waiting when you do have other access in hospitals.

    Owners/Administrator/Stakeholder of Casa Medica, Inc; have you checked or review your mission and vision? You’re all bunch of money making people/company and already forget about providing excellent service to the people.

    Highly disappointed!

  5. Faye Bugarin says:

    Do you provide service on a holiday? Package 3 of medical to be specific?

  6. Stephen Chavez says:

    Is there a cardiologist ang a surgeon on september 25 or 26?

  7. Mr. Biron says:

    Whats the use of having all those landline numbers when you can’t even reach one of them. I’ve been calling those numbers since 1pm and its almost 4pm still I couldn’t get thru. What is happening with your service? its getting worse by the day.

  8. JT Socon says:

    poor service, we were scheduled for ENT check up, waited from 12:00 pm to 3:45 pm, all of the sudden we were told that doctor is not coming and we need to go back the next day!!

    They could’ve inform us right away!!

    Service sucks!!

  9. marinel benosa says:

    Hi! I’d like to know prices for the following before going to your clinic:

    – repair of dentures to fit again
    – making of dentures for two upper front teeth
    – pasta/filling
    – cleaning

    Thank you!