G/F Cybermall Building, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

BMCI-Eastwood City Contact Number(s):

+632 687-1345, +632 687-1369, +632 687-3614 (Fax)

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  1. j says:

    putang ina nyo borough lagi busy number nyo. mga ulul.

  2. Ed Salvador says:

    I am trying to call their contact numbers for me to schedule a client. It’s true that they are not answering the call. I will write to our HR to stop contracting them as one our our affiliates in our medical underwriting.

  3. notoborough says:

    yung isang nurse jan sa borough na lalake pag tatawag ka para magpavalidate ng med cert. sounds as if he is really annoyed kasi may tumawag.. hindi nakakatuwa i’ll post his name pag nakausap ko ulit sya na ganun.. mga tao jan ayaw ng phone calls nilalapag or di sinasagot minsan…

  4. forever calling your mumber says:

    soooo true.if you dont plans of picking up the phone,might as well get your lines cut. hanging up is just rude.

  5. Nurse D. says:

    It is very very hard to validate a medical certificate. Everytime I am dialing their contact numbers, no one answering and sometimes they answering it but putting it down or hanged it up for awhile. It’s been days now since I am calling them.

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